Aromatherapy as a means of Stress Reduction

Aromatherapy as a means of Stress Reduction

Everglades University

By: Lywonda Megginson

September 20, 2014


Stress is a part of everyone life, including children.  In fact, infants and pets experience stress, generally resulting from insecurities or inconsistencies with their caretakers.  Senior citizens and foreigners who are not comfortable with the American lifestyle can also find themselves confused and thereby disoriented with a daily lifestyle.  Our minds are preoccupied with contemplations and often times ineffective solutions.  Each of these thought patterns may cause stress, effect the nervous system and thereby reduce the immune system.  Once the immune system is attacked other systems within our body are affected, thereby increasing the susceptibility of disease.  These bad indicators for stress can be intervened, even minimized by the use of aromatherapy through essential oils.

Aromatherapy is a homeopathic practice whereby the sense of smell which an application of an aroma entering into the nerves most often relieve tension and depression, even pain.  Research validated by the National Institute Of Health/Complementary Alternative Medicine has validated efficient essential oils that reduce stress and even suppress sleep disorders.

Essential oils release vibration frequencies.  They penetrate through cell membranes and enter into the blood and tissues of the human body.  This process moves at the speed of megahertz thereby stimulating nerves, detoxifying and releasing oxygen and nutrients to kill bacteria, virus and disease.  As a comparison, pure Rose Damascene essential oil releases 320 MHz’s of frequency; whereby Lavender releases 118 MHz’s.   Once the essential oil has been sprayed into the atmosphere or applied to the skin within seven-twenty one seconds the results begin, merely by inhaling the smell.  What’s fascinating is the megahertz frequency moves fast through the nervous system and its transparent.  According to Robert O. Baker, M.D. “every living thing has a electrical frequency as documented in his book entitled The Body Electric.  Also, Royal Raymond Rife, M.D. discovered these frequencies to prevent even destroy disease.

 Quite often aromatherapy can offer immediate results in healing.  Sleep is a natural part of the plan and when a person is able to rest and enter into REM sleep the person can receive immediate results from pain, anxiety and stress. minimizes, rest increases and anxiety goes away.  Now, by no means does this imply one or two aroma mists restores complete healing.  However, aromatherapy increases the healing process by aiding with immediate results.

Modern medicines used for stress have been reported to have adverse affects on other parts of the body. A drug called Prozac is used to treat mild to moderate depression.  Historically, this drug has produced impotency in men.    But, there is no comparison when it comes to therapeutic healing oils as an integrative approach.   Essential oils smell good,  and they are God’s gift made for “healing of the land”, Rev. 22.2.  What should also be noted is  to understand fragrance oils do not have medical benefits.  They will not reduce stress throughout the nervous systems nor have any therapeutic benefits, at all. In fact, they are manufactured scents made in factories by mankind to replicate the smells of essential and therapeutic oils.   Therefore, caution should always be taken to ensure when using aromatherapy as a stress reducer to quantify and validate the oils are essential oils and used for therapeutic purposes.



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