Beanspray Elixir 4oz


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Natural products for a healthier you.
Let your skin breathe with an energizing boost of soy aromatherapy. Beanspray Body Elixir consists of our famous blend of essential oils in harmony with natural soy bean and organic oils from seeds. Beanspray Body Elixir will hydrate and protect your skin, it moisturizes areas down to the second layer, detoxifies, restores healthy skin, and provide a smooth, silky youthful glow.

How To Use

Beanspray Body Elixir is to be sprayed over the entire body from head to toe. Then gently glide your hands over your body and watch the formula penetrate into your skin.  Keep a bottle at the office and spray over your hands, face or body without dampening your skin with any water. Watch and feel the near instant skin healing and relief. Use the excess oil from your hands to smooth under the eyes. Avoid direct eye contact. No Animal Testing–No Parabens.


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