Beanspray Soy Aroma Candle


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Tabi Soy Aroma Candle TABI  soy candles are hand made with a purpose.  It  releases a warm sense of nature into your atmosphere.  The wax burns cool, refreshing and clean-its eco-friendly and lasts up to 30 hours.  Its been used as a massage oil for the hands and feet too.  That’s Right!   It is a multi-purposed candle .   With a little dip onto the fingers,  the oil  massages gently onto  your hands.  There is no wax build up and the aroma is gentle,  uplifting and rejuvenating,    If you like the aroma of Beanspray, you are sure to enjoy this luxurious soy Aroma Candle…Each one is hand made  with a purpose. YOU.


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