Mens Organic Skin Care Line


The ALL Natural therapeutic essential and organic oils made with a purpose. This product line consists of a two step natural skin care process.   The Essential Cleanser creates an enormous amount of lather with just a small portion.  Apply it to the face or head for shaving.   Its quick and efficient.  Then rinse and immediately apply the Beanspray Body Elixir.  This is the aftershave which holds moisture into the skin down to the second layer.  It also protects the skin from bacteria and germs.



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Natural products for a healthier you.

Beanspray set can be used as a natural skin care line for men.  Its been used by men in the military for shaving and reducing razor bumps and other types of skin irritations.

How To Use

Massage a very small amount into the hands to create a lather.  Then apply the lather to the skin.  Enjoy the aromatherapy as you shave.  Then rinse the face thoroughly.

Apply the Beanspray Body Elixir after shaving and receive the benefits of that smooth and silky skin .  This moisturizer protects the skin and fights bacteria down to the second layer of the skin through the day.